Thursday, 2 April 2015

John & Jackie - Little Girl

This post is dedicated to Mick Cocksedge (Honest Hal), lead singer with The Dead Bone Ramblers
and Mick is also a fellow blogger check out his site at Sleazy Digest Books

I came across John & Jackie’s ‘Little Girl’ on an obviously bootlegged collection of CD’s called ‘Rockabilly Raves volumes 1-10’  - this track was the opener of volume 8. I was intrigued that it had a publish date of 1958 and I also wondered how it got passed the strict (at the time) obscene publications rules. It was released on the Aladdin label out of California in the summer of '58.
‘Little Girl’.

John’s uninspired vocal on this track gives the listener little confidence to carry on and finish the song instead just the desire to click the eject button and move on. But stick with it - okay, he does sound like a crooner (Moon in June etc., think Pat Boone). It’s not until Jackie comes in with her simulated orgasms (singing??) that the song really picks up pace and gets going. The backing musicians give the record bop appeal. This record is bizarre, especially for its time - what do you think?

‘The Raging Sea’.
On this side, John livens up his vocal somewhat (although still a crooner’s delivery). I love the guitar on this platter, but Jackie seems to have lost interest in Johnny’s charms and is just going through the motions! All in all for some reason I like this one too.


Both sides were written by wild rockabilly singer Gene Maltais of Crazy Baby fame! 


  1. As always John, a read that not only teaches me new things about rock 'n' roll but also has the ability to make me blush well done sir on another lil' cracker !

  2. where can i find a download of this song please

    1. Hi Trev, thanks for checking out the blog. On the music player above click on the down arrow, that'll take you the the file ZippyShare you can download from there.
      Cheers Duke