Thursday, 15 August 2013

In The Jungle

I was talking to Jerry Chatabox at the 'Rockabilly Rave' when three cats came up and handed Jerry and yours truly a C.D. E.P. (it pays to be in Jerry's general presence when freebies are being handed out). They were 'The Mystery Gang Trio', who I knew of from their excellent debut C.D . 'Dig This Rock', and from a video or two on (see below)

I was eager to get back home and listen to the specially produced release for the 2005 'Rockabilly Rave'. I was a little disappointed to hear that their style had become slightly heavier than before, and they sounded as if they were heading in a different musical direction. This confused me slightly as I gathered from the C.D's cover that they were trying to promote themselves on the rockabilly scene, and were hoping be asked to play the Rave sometime in the future. Maybe Jerry was not impressed with what he, or he thought (as I did) that their style was too far off centre to play at the festival, as no performance has occurred!
I had this post on an old hard drive for a few years and recently came across it (as you do). The original drummer Tom Stormy has now left the band.  You can check them out now here or their Facebook page. I would like to know what you think about the change in musical style?

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