Monday, 31 December 2012

I Saw You Cheating Last Night

Real name Rosario Lefavi.
Born 1925 in Palermo, Italy, but moved to Philadelphia, Pa, with his family in the early 1930's.
Recorded for Arcade and Skyrocket records in the mid to late 1950's and had an album and EP released by Arzee records in the 1960's. 
He died in 1991.

I picked this  platter up at one of the many record fairs I attended back in the early 80's (I did a lot in the early 80's) mainly because I wanted a 45 in my collection by an artist beginning with the letter Z.
I was amazed and surprised how good 'I Saw You Cheating Last Night' is. A nice little country Jiver, that I tried to bop to at the time but it didn't make me look cool at all so I stopped doing it.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Ronnie Hawkins

The guy that invented the Moonwalk (that dance that Michael Jackson is famous for) was one hell of a singer too. If I remember correctly I grabbed this 45 from Craig Moerer records by mail in the early 80's.  An excellent double A side in my opinion.

Here is a discography of Ronnie Hawkins early releases


1958 Hey Bo Diddley / Love Me Like You Can - Quality 1827

1959 Forty Days / One Of These Days - Apex 76499

1959 Forty Days / One Of These Days - US Roulette R4154

1959 Mary Lou / Need Your Lovin' - Apex 76561

1959 Mary Lou / Need Your Lovin' - US  Roulette R4177

1959 Mary Lou / Need Your Lovin' - UK Columbia DB4345

1960 Southern Love / Love Me Like You Can - CA Apex 76623

1960 Southern Love / Love Me Like You Can - US Roulette R4209

1960 Southern Love / Love Me Like You Can - UK Columbia DB4412

1960 Lonely Hours / Clara - Roulette R4249

1960 Lonely Hours / Clara - US Roulette R4228

1960 Lonely Hours / Clara - UK Columbia DB4442

1960 Ballad Of Caryl Chessman / Death Of Floyd Collins - US Roulette R4231

1960 Ruby Baby / Hayride - US Roulette R4249

1960 Summertime / Mister And Mississippi - US Roulette R4267

1961 Cold Cold Heart / Nobody's Lonesome For Me - US Roulette R4311


1959 Ronnie Hawkins - US Roulette SR25078

1959 Mr. Dynamo - US Roulette SR25012

1960 Folk Ballads - Roulette SR25078

1960 Folk Ballads - US Roulette SR25120

1960 The Songs Of Hank Williams - US Roulette SR25137

1960 Mr. Dynamo UK (Mono) - Columbia 33SX 1238

1960 Mr. Dynamo UK (Stereo) - Columbia 33SCX 3315

1960 Rockin' With Ronnie UK (Mono) Columbia SEG7983

1960 Rockin' With Ronnie(2) UK (Mono) Columbia SEG7988
1960 Rockin' With Ronnie UK (Stereo) Columbia ESG7792
1960 Rockin' With Ronnie(2) UK (Mono) ColumbiaESG7795

Friday, 28 December 2012


Back in 2001 I got into the fantastic world of computers for the first time, and I soon discovered a wealth of my kind of music hidden (at the time) amongst the humdrum pop music of the day.
I came across a song called 'Starlight Starbright' by The Boppin' Boozers.  I loved the sound of the female vocalist, something in the way she delivered the words of the song.  After buying The Boppin' Boozer's 2002 CD 'Honky Tonk Mind' I soon discovered that Ruby Ann was a force to be reckoned with. She purrs, she can growl, she can sing like Patsy Cline but still sound like Ruby Ann. She makes you sit up and notice and more importantly...listen.

Ruby Ann’s long awaited new CD ‘Mama’s Back’ was released by Rhythm Bomb records at the beginning of December 2011 and is now on its second pressing. It comes nicely packaged with very informative liner notes from ‘The Beat Beats’ main man, Jerry Chatabox.


‘Mama’s Back’ is an excellent mixed bag of our music, covering all the styles from Rhythm & Blues (50s) Rock n Roll (50s and early 60s) Country pop (60s) and of course Rockabilly.
The CD has 14 tracks of well produced tunes with backing from Germany’s own ‘The Round Up Boys’, who compliment Ruby’s amazing vocal range and delivery.

One of my favourite tracks on the CD is Ruby’s version of Johnny Strickland’s (of ‘She’s Mine’ fame) ‘I’ve Heard That Line Before’. Ruby’s version is similar to the original, but I believe vocally Ruby performs/sings it better; it’s a haunting bluesy tune and so different from my preferred Ruby Ann style of singing, which is of course...rockabilly.
Ruby’s take on Carl Gillion’s ‘Do Right Daddy’ and Carl Mann’s ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ satisfies my hunger for good rockin’ Sun styled music and Ruby certainly delivers these two numbers with her well loved style...Ruby-Billy!
The country inspired ‘Who Been Fooling Me?’ written by the multi-instrumentalist Axel Praefcke, who also produced the CD, and ‘Many Tears Ago’ are in the style of early 60s pop inspired country music; think of Patsy Cline circa 1962 with the added attraction of the Ray Price shuffle beat, a very cool sound but definitely in the style of Ruby Ann.

This release gets the full 10 out of 10 marking from me; for the CD package design, production, musicianship and Ruby Ann’s wonderful voice.

Welcome back Mama, Europe has missed you.

Check out Ruby's Website

Grab your copy
And other cool stuff here...

My video of Ruby at the Hillbilly Hop, London
CALL HIS NAME - Official Video by BOPFLIX
With the Boppin' Boozers
As Ruby Ann

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lewis Lymon

Frankie, Bobby Robertson and Lewis

Frankie Lymon's little brother Louis always seemed to be in his older brother's shadow.
There will always be comparisions between the two. They were siblings and yes they did sound alike.
Hank Williams JNR was once accused of sounding too much like his dad Hank. It is in the genes, get over it!
'I Found Out Why' is Lewis's answer to Frankie's 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love' and it's a good record in it's own right.
'Too Young' is my prferred choice of the two. Both move along at a nice pace.

Download includes short article on Lewis by JCMarion

Discography :
1956 - I'm So Happy / Lydia (Fury 1000)
1957 - Honey, Honey / Please Tell The Angels (Fury 1003)
1957 - I'm Not Too Young To Fall In Love / Falling In Love (Fury 1006)
1957 - Too Young / Your last chance (End 1003)
1957 - I found out why / Tell me love (End 1007)
1958 - Dance girl / Them There eyes (Juanita 1001/Bim Bam Boom 114)
1962 - I found out why / Too Young (End 1113)
1984 - I want you to be my girl / Please Tell The Angels (Starlight 21)
1985 - Dance girl / Honey, honey (Starlight 25)
1994 - Never let you go / I found out why (Park Ave.9)

Lewis Lymon - Your Last Chance

Wednesday, 26 December 2012



I've never seen the film 'Idle on Parade' (a parady on Elvis' induction into the US Army that was released in 1959).
But I have always loved all the tunes on this EP from Decca Records.
If you listen closly enough you can hear the similarity to Tommy Steele and Jim Dale (I can anyway) so it's definately a British rock 'n' roll record, and not British rockers trying to do an Elvis.
I've had this record since my teens, unfortunately without the cover, but I found them posted on the net and included them in the download.

I've Waited So Long
Idle Rock-a-Boogie
Idle on Parade
Saturday Night Rock-a-Boogie

Idle on Parade E.P

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Harry Lee - Every Time I See You b/w You Don't Know

Harry Lee - Every Time I See You b/w You Don't Know

Both sides of this 45 were written by Alton Lott, the cat that gave us 'I Got It Made in the Shade'.
Harry Lee Hutchinson was a disc jockey in Jackson, Miss.

Other possible releases by Harry Lee

Rockin’ on a Reindeer - 45rpm IGLOO 101

Lynda, Lynda - 45rpm ACE 582

Apart from that I've found little on this singing DJ

A little on VIN RECORDSVin Records was a short-lived subsidiary of Ace Records, the Mississippi-based label behind many New Orleans rock & roll and R&B records. VIN had a good share of this market too, but ventured into rockabilly with a pair of singles by Jimmy Lee of Jimmy & Johnny fame and Halloween novelty music. None of the VIN singles charted nationally, a number of well-known artists such as Huey "Piano" Smith and Jimmy Clanton are featured, as well as productions involving a young Dr. John when he was known as Mac Rebennack.

The Harry Lee on Igloo records is not the same singer as the VIN records Harry Lee. Thanks for the info Mellow.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Box Full of Git

Back in the late 70’s/early 80’s I was buying a few records from Craig Moerer from the USA. He was a cool guy that sent me a cassette tape of 30 second segments of records he thought might be of interest to me. I bought a few 45’s from him over a period of time (until I got married and had other stuff to spend my money on). One of the tunes on that cassette was an instrumental called ‘Box Full of Git’ by Jimmy Fautheree. The flip side was a re-recording of ‘Can’t Find the Door Nob’ (it’s spelt Nob on the label). The B side is just Jimmy singing without the harmonies of the original, it works well, in fact this was the first version I’d heard of the song. When I finally got to hear the original I was equally impressed.

A wee bit of info on Jimmy;

Born James Walton Fautheree, 11 April 1934, Smackover, Arkansas, Died 29 June 2004, Dallas, Texas.

When Jimmy was 12 his aunt bought him a guitar which he soon mastered and at the age of 16, he debuted on "The Big 'D' Jamboree" in Dallas and made an impression with his hot guitar playing.

He was signed to Capitol Records in 1951, where he was renamed Jimmy Lee.
In 1953 he teamed up with "Country" Johnny Mathis. They were billed as Jimmy and Johnny on the Louisiana Hayride, and were managed by Tillman Franks.
In the autumn of 1954, the duo crept into the Country Top 10 with "If You Don't, Somebody Else Will" (Chess 4859).
However, the pair soon broke up and Jimmy formed a new partnership with Wayne Walker, this duo didn't last more than a few months, thankfully they did record "Love Me" (Chess 4863), cut in January 1955 in Shreveport, before going their separate ways
Jimmy then teamed up with his brother Lynn ( the new "Johnny").
Together they recorded some classic rockabilly sides for Decca, including "Sweet Love on My Mind", which they recorded on July 25, 1956, a few weeks after the version by the Johnny Burnette Rock n Roll Trio.
The brothers moved to Nashville while they were under contract to Decca, but returned to East Texas when that contract ended in 1957.
The next few years found Jimmy Lee reuniting with Johnny Mathis, though both men also made solo records during this time.
In 1958, Jimmy recorded (As Johnny Angel) the excellent, "Baby It's Love"/"Teenage Wedding" (Vin 1004), he was backed by Cosimo Matassa's studio band.  A second Vin single, "Look What Love Will Do", was released under his own name.
In 1958 they released another rockabilly classic, "I Can't Find the Doorknob", on Pappy Daily's D label. There were further Jimmy & Johnny releases on D and Republic, but sales were poor so Jimmy eventually moved out to Farmington, New Mexico, to join in the family asbestos installation business.
In the sixties, Jimmy recorded as Jimmy Fautheree for small labels like Paula, Lodema and Town House. Later he turned to gospel.
Not long before his death, Fautheree's rockabilly career was revived. He performed at the Rockabilly Rave in Rye, Sussex, England, in March 2004 (his first-ever gig in Europe).
He was backed by Deke Dickerson and his band, the Ecco-Fonics (with a young Eddie Clendening on rhythm guitar).
The Ecco-Fonics recorded a CD with Jimmy in 2003. Howard Cockburn wrote in Now Dig This (issue 253, April 2004): "What a truly wonderful set! Ten out of ten in all departments, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”.
During the Rockabilly Rave, Jimmy was already in advanced stages of cancer. After his condition worsened, he had to cancel appearances at Viva Las Vegas and the Ponderosa Stomp. He died on June 29, 2004, at the age of 70.

Jimmy Lee solo recordings 
Capitol 1509    Love Is Hard To Understand/I Keep The Blues All The Time
Capitol 1709    Go Ahead And Go/Knocking On Your Front Door (Pounding On Your Back)
Capitol 1924    Lips That Kiss so Sweetly/I've Got A Broken Heart
Capitol 2051    Suspense/Warm Warm Kisses
Capitol 2153    53 I'm Diggin' a Hole to Bury My Heart/Kisses By Mail
Capitol 2320    Blowin' And Goin'/Mistakes
Capitol 2491    How About A Date/Cryin' Won't Change My Mind
Jimmie Lee & (Country) Johnny Mathis
Feature 1092   53 If You Don't, Somebody Else Will/I'm Beginning To Remember
Capitol 3012    54 Don’t Forget To Remember (J & J)/Open For Trade(Jimmy Lee)
Chess 4859      54 I’m Beginning To Remember/If You Don't, Somebody Else Will
Chess 4862      54 Can't You, Won't You/The Fun Is Over
Decca 29772    56 Sweet Singing Daddy/Trust Me
Decca 29954    56 Till the End of The World/Another Man's Name
Decca 30061    56 Sweet Love On My Mind/Imagination
Decca 30278    Here Comes My Baby/Don't Give Me That Look
Decca 30410    57 Whatcha Doin' To Me/I'll Do It Every Time
Sparton 4-613  58  I Can't Find The Doorknob/Keep Telling Me (Canadian pressing)
D 1004              58 I Can't Find the Doorknob/Keep Telling Me
D 1089              59 My Little Baby/All I Need Is Time
TNT 184            61  Don't Call Me, I'll Call You/Two Empty Arms 
Republic 2014  61 Knock On Wood/Let Me Be The One
Jimmie Lee & Wayne Walker
Chess 4863     55 Lips That Kiss So Sweetly/Love Me
Johnny Angel (Jimmy Lee Fautheree)
Vin 1004       58  Teenage Wedding/Baby It's Love
Jimmy Lee 
Vin 1010       59  Look What Love Will Do/I Ain't Worried About Tomorrow
Jimmy Fautheree
Paula 239      66  box full of "git"/can't find the door nob (spelled "nob")(re-recording)
Paula 249      Keep Me In Mind/Bells of Monterrey
Paula 279      I Didn't Know/Overdue
Lodema LR101   Project X-9 (instr.)/I'm The Laziest Man In The World
Lodema LR102   If You Want To Be Saved/Fellowship With Jesus
Lodema LR105   I just can't keep on/one day smiling
Town House THR EP101    Nobody Knows Where You Go/Please Talk To My Heart
 Recorded at Norman Petty's studios (b-side by Fran Powers: Taffy Town/Goin' Steady)
Thanks to Tapio for Jimmy’s discography.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

This is the Killer speaking...

There was a time when Chantilly Lace just meant The Big Bopper to me, but this version by Jerry Lee Lewis gives JP Richardson a run for his money in my opinion.
It's a double A side I picked it up in a sweetshop that sold ex Juke Box records for 5 or 10 pence in Tooting SW London probably around 1975. Corner shops were real cool places back in the 1970's were I could pick up the odd rock n roll ex-jukebox records for a song.
I was still at school at the time and had heard The Big Bopper's version but I didn't have a copy of it at the time, so I bought it on the off chance it might be good.


Released in 1972
New ZippyShare link 1st Nov 2014

Ali Kat's Hot Rockin' Christmas Show

Cool rockin' tracks and not your usual Christmas tunes.
Sandy Scott, Jack Scott, Pep Torres, Rockin' Bonnie and more.
A real mix of old and new; rockabilly, doo-wop and jive.
Ali Kat's Hot Rockin' Christmas Show (111MB File) coming soon
Download past shows on mixcloud

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Scarlet Ribbons (for her hair)

Gene Vincent - Scarlet Ribbons b/w White Lightning

I picked up this record (in the late 70's) mainly because I loved White Lightning, but over the years Scarlet Ribbons has become my chosen side of the two. Gene's voice is in fine form.
Recorded with session musicians including the return of lead guitarist Johnny Meeks with a 23-year-old Linda Ronstadt on second vocals.
Dandelion Records was a British record label started in 1969 by John Peel as a way to get the music he liked onto record.

White Lightning B/w Scarlet Ribbons(May 1970, Dandelion S 4974) Label says 1969

Gene had another release prior to this on Dandelion

Be Bop A Lula ’69  B/w Ruby Baby
(October 1969, Dandelion S 4596)
Sorry but I don't have this on vinyl 45.

I ripped White Lightning and Scarlet Ribbons in STEREO (I'm normally a mono guy!)


An old postcard (1980's) from my small collection

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Footsoldiers & Kings

I posted this on the web a while ago and I was surprised how little interest it received.
When I first came across this little book as a teenage rockabilly I was immediately drawn to the cover photo of Elvis slappin' the bass. It didn’t get much cooler than that in my opinion.
I know with the Internet these photos are easy to find, but back in the late 70's and early 80's this kind of stuff was heaven sent. And I dig the fact that I've still got the wee book, the kindle will never replace the feeling of turning a page, not in my lifetime anyway. But you never know.
I've scanned the pages and saved them as jpeg files.

Monday, 10 December 2012


Hol-202 45-rpm-EP R&B series

A Side
Beware - Jesse Belvin and the Capris
Messin' Around - Joe Turner
B Side
Sleepless Nights - Roy Hawkins
Lies. Lies, Lies - Annisteen Allen

Way back in my teenage days the most exciting part of my day was smootching with my current squeeze to a cool Doo Wop or R&B record.
And this little piece of vinyl was a perfect compliment to that activity.
Jesse Belvin had one of the best voices around at the time and would no doubt gone on to greater heights had he and his wife not been killed in a car crash in 1960.  More information on Jesse Belvin can be found here

The Joe Turner and Roy Hawkins tracks keep the feel of slow R&B pace of a romantic evening flowing, before ending with Annisteen Allen's cool little jiver which makes a perfect ending to a cool little EP.
Unfortunately this release falls into the Bootleg catergory. After searching the internet I came up with nothing on this vinyl EP. I had some help from 45rpm at RockHall and he came up with the same opinion. Oh well never mind, but I'm still mighty pleased I have a copy.

New link below
Recorded in Hollywood

Thursday, 6 December 2012


I first posted this review back in the summer somewhere on the Internet. So this is a re-up but with a show download included. Scatman’s comments and views are not always the views of RockabillyDukeBox!
 Scatman's Rockin' Radio Show

For a show with a mixed bag of rocking tunes covering the full range of our music (Including Rockabilly/Vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll/Hillbilly/Doo wop/Rhythm ‘n’ Blues) then Scatman’s Rockin’ Radio Show is one not to be missed. All original music from the golden age is played here; no modern rocking bands are given a look in. I love the newer take on rockabilly (but not psychobilly) music, but I do not miss the fact that Scatman does not play these on his two hour show. His program is so different to the all of the other rockin’ online and radio shows out there, because Scatman only plays the music he loves. He asks his listeners for their requests, but ask at your peril! If he does not like your choice of music he will not play it and further more he will tell you why not - no holds barred. He also comments on modern television programs and adverts, often producing amusing rants. This is one hell of a show, I have only recently discovered it and I am totally hooked.

Click here to download his full show, recorded on 10th November 2012.
Click here to listen to past shows

Another thing about this program is that it goes out live on every other Saturday between 4pm and 6pm (U.K. time) so you can get in the mood before you go your local rocking club later on in the evening. It is worth remembering that this cat likes a laugh and a few times it is at his listeners' expense. I e-mailed my request while his show was live on air. Thankfully he liked it and he let me off lightly with the Mickey- taking (something about Orkney, me and sheep) I was thinking of telephoning in whiles the show was on air, but I will need to become a lot braver before that happens!

Monday, 3 December 2012


Recorded at Glo-Lite Studios, Memphis Tennessee 18th & 22nd May 1974 Engineer Bill Glore
Produced by Martin Hawkins and Bill Glore

Side 1Side 2
Get With It (arr Feathers)
Marcus Van Story - Vocals
Bubba Feathers - Lead Guitar
Charlie Feathers - Accoustic Guitar
Overdubbed String Bass
Rockin' With Red (arr Hadley)
Red Hadley - Vocals and Piano
Malcolm Yelvington - Accoustic Guitar
Marcus Van Story - String Bass
Leslie Van Story - Drums

Way Down Blues (Fleming)
Malcolm Yelvington - Vocals
Marcus Van Story - Harp
Bubba Feathers - Lead Guitar
Charlie Feathers - String Bass
Leslie Van Story - Drums

Goodbye Marie (Fleming)
Malcolm Yelvington - Vocals
Red Hadley - Piano
Bubba Feathers - Lead Guitar
Marcus Van Story - String Bass
Leslie Van Story - Drums

I picked up this platter at a record fair in the early 80's. I digged both of Charlie Feathers versions of 'Get With It' I had heard at that time and was intrigued to know what this version by Marcus Van Story sounded like. Many moons later with all the new technology and the Internet about, I found out that Charley was involved with this record. Which makes me wonder if he recorded anything at this session?

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Seasons Greetings From RockabillyDukeBox!


45rpm vinyl rips...

Five singles make up this excellent release from Decca Records. All of the singles play at 33 1/3 rpm. I picked up this little collection up at a record fair in central London (WC1) in the late 70's. The 5 singles come with a brown paper sleeve. I also got 5 juke box labels with my purchase. The front cover and rear cover are identical. The whole package looks so vintage and that sounds strange as it was a 1964 release date. I believe this was released alongside the full L.P of the same name. I know very little else about this release. The singles in the mini collection are listed below. Any other information would be welcomed.
  1. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree B/W This Time of Year
  2. Jingle Bell Rock B/W Santa Claus is Comin' To Town
  3. Silver Bells B/W Winter Wonderland
  4. Blue Christmas B/W A Marshmellow World
  5. Christmas Will be Just Another Lonely Day B/W Frosty the Snowman 
New link below