Thursday, 6 December 2012


I first posted this review back in the summer somewhere on the Internet. So this is a re-up but with a show download included. Scatman’s comments and views are not always the views of RockabillyDukeBox!
 Scatman's Rockin' Radio Show

For a show with a mixed bag of rocking tunes covering the full range of our music (Including Rockabilly/Vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll/Hillbilly/Doo wop/Rhythm ‘n’ Blues) then Scatman’s Rockin’ Radio Show is one not to be missed. All original music from the golden age is played here; no modern rocking bands are given a look in. I love the newer take on rockabilly (but not psychobilly) music, but I do not miss the fact that Scatman does not play these on his two hour show. His program is so different to the all of the other rockin’ online and radio shows out there, because Scatman only plays the music he loves. He asks his listeners for their requests, but ask at your peril! If he does not like your choice of music he will not play it and further more he will tell you why not - no holds barred. He also comments on modern television programs and adverts, often producing amusing rants. This is one hell of a show, I have only recently discovered it and I am totally hooked.

Click here to download his full show, recorded on 10th November 2012.
Click here to listen to past shows

Another thing about this program is that it goes out live on every other Saturday between 4pm and 6pm (U.K. time) so you can get in the mood before you go your local rocking club later on in the evening. It is worth remembering that this cat likes a laugh and a few times it is at his listeners' expense. I e-mailed my request while his show was live on air. Thankfully he liked it and he let me off lightly with the Mickey- taking (something about Orkney, me and sheep) I was thinking of telephoning in whiles the show was on air, but I will need to become a lot braver before that happens!

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