Monday, 26 January 2015

Shaking Rolling Boogie

It's not hard to see why there is no information on Ricky Wynn on the internet (or indeed Campbell Records). I've had this record for years and I don't know why I've still have it, I hardly ever give it a spin. I like the backing music, but not Ricky's vocal on 'Shaking Rolling Boogie'. Strangely I prefer 'Till Eternity' (but not enough to give it regular plays) it seems so did the guys or guy at Campbell records (R. Campbell was writer of both sides) as it was given A side status.
Anyone out there in Internet-land know anything about Ricky or Campbell records?


  1. You're probably the only person that has a copy of the record so you know more than us. It was listed in the Rockabilly book by the Zimmermans' at $100.

  2. I think I bought it from Craig Moerer in the real early 1980s. But I can't help but wonder who would pay a $100 for it. Thanks for the comment Rocky.

  3. Bj's Guide says mint $25, but it is getting old and price have gone up. I would say $30 to $40 now. $100 seem a bit to much to me. Saying that one sold on ebay for $147 guess somebody took a chance on the title? Craig has one for sale on ebay at the minute at $80

    1. Cheers Dean. What do you think of the record?