Monday, 29 July 2013

It's Bop Quiz Time!

Vinyl Junkie and Original Record Sleeve Lovers, it's Bop Quiz Time!


I purchased this 45 from a friend back in 1978, and he told me that he had bought it from a record shop in London at the time of its release in the U.K. in 1955 (I've researched a bit and it came out in January 1955). He also told me that it came in the same brown paper sleeve as pictured above. I've since discovered that U.K. Parlophone had their own 45 record sleeves from 1953. So which of these sleeves do you think should have been wrapped around the platter?


ROCKABILLY LUKE (aka Jeff Daniels)


Thanks for all the comments and emails. It seems that the brown paper sleeve did come with the 45. But it still makes me wonder why UK Parlophone issued single sleeves from 1953, but why didn't it come with a sleeve? The pictures below are from the web-site, go and check it out if you haven't already done so.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Baby Let's Play House

You Don't Wanna Mess With Me

Sleepy La Beef's excellent Elvis inspired version of 'Baby Let's Play House' was recorded at The Gold Star Studio, Houston Texas, in 1956. Unreleased at the time, this is kick ass rockabilly at it's very best.

Sleepy La Beef - vocal & rhythm guitar
Charles Busby - lead guitar
Wendal Clayton - Bass

Download or listen

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The 17th Rockabilly Rave

Just a few videos and the odd ramble about this years Rockabilly Rave. 

Rhythm River Trio - Sutterin' Cindy
Scotty Baker - '50 Buick
Keith Turner - I Just Found Out
Rhythm River Trio - Peepin' Eyes
Rocky Burnette - Oh Baby, Babe
Carolina and her Rhythm Rockets - Leave This Town
Joe Fury - Pistol Boogie
Rhythm River Trio - Love, Come Back To Me
Carolina and her Rhythm Rockets - Unknown Title
The Lucky Bullets - Saturday Night
Bubba J - Rock Bop Baby
Rhythm River Trio - Boppin' Bonnie
Bubba J - Don't Go Baby
Rhythm River Trio - Love Me
The Lucky Bullets - Fire Down Below
The Doel Brothers - Nothin' 'Bout Love
The Doel Brothers - I Need Your Lovin'

Live Rockabilly Rave 17 MP3's 

Kicking off the Rockabilly Rave must be a nerving experience, but I could not see it in The Rhythm River Trio's performance. It was totally professional and also musically very tight. I go to the Rave to hear authentic 1950's sounding Rockabilly and these guys sure delivered. They have a CD out on Rhythm Bomb Records 'Wild Side Of Live'.  They are also currently recording new material at Sugar Rays Vintage Recording Studio  In my opinion one of the best bands of the whole weekend.

Rhythm River Trio - Wasting Time On You

Scotty Baker - '50 Buick
This guy was every bit as good as Jerry Chatabox said he would be, the audience agreed and demanded more. We have not seen the last of this Australian rockabilly

Rocky Burnette - Oh Baby, Babe with Darrel Higham on guitar


The Lucky Bullets - The Cry of the Wild Goose
Now this is a guy that likes to put a lot of passion into a song.

Another highlight for me was the Doel Brothers, the audience interaction was right, the harmonies and musicianship was top notch and 90% original material. I bought their CD 'Oh Brother, It's The Doel Brothers!' and their 45 too. I can't rate this band highly enough.

The rave was a real blast (and every year it takes me longer to get over it) even though two of the acts I was looking forward to seeing could not make it, I still had a ball. Mike Bell and the Belltones could not be there for health reasons. Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery, below is a youtube movie of them recording the excellent 'Shake Some Action'.

The Wise Guyz had visa related problems which was a damn shame they were on my too hot to miss list especially after seeing the self produced video 'Don't Touch My Greasy Hair' on youtube.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Jamboree

Crazy Man Crazy - Bill Haley's Original comets
Happy Pay Day - Ocean's Seven
Arguments and Alibis - Lil' Ester and the Tinstars
Baby That's Rock 'n' Roll - Whistle Bait
Let's Rock Tonight - King Louie Combo
Lost Without You - Ike and the Capers
Rock, Rock, Rock - Jimmy Cavello and the Good Fellas
I Polli - Blues Willies
Strange - Anti and the Starbombers
Red Hot Lava - Nosey Joe
Sputnick - The Spotniks
Don't You Lie To Me - Lynette Morgan and the Blackwater Valley Boys
Little Girl - Cadillac Angles 
Live It Up _ Pep Torres and the Nu Niles
The Girl I Saw On Bandstand - Lew Williams
Washing Machine Boogie - Tim Knuckey and the Hot Potatoes
Rock The Joint - Jimmy Cavello and the Comets
Summer Jamboree (Belle Pupe E Marinai) - I Belli Di Waikiki

This was a free promotional CD advertising the 5th Summer Jamboree in Senigallia Italy 2005. This free festival is still going strong. 
For more information check out 
Flyer Design Oldwoogies

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Country Tips it's Hat to Rock 'n' Roll

Wylie & the Wild West Show - Wild Hair Boogie
Wade Hayes - Don't Stop
Alan Jackson - I Don't Even Know Your Name
Steve Kolander - Black Dresses

On my second trip to Texas back in 1996 I noticed via the radio that a few of the Cats in Hats (and the ladies too) were bringing a bit of Rock 'n' Roll back into their music. Some of them (Alan Jackson and Wade Hayes) impressed me enough that I went see them in concert at the University of Texas in Austin. Here are four tunes I heard at the time, that grabbed my attention while driving around Texas with my good buddy Tooks, crazy times.