Monday, 26 January 2015

Shaking Rolling Boogie

It's not hard to see why there is no information on Ricky Wynn on the internet (or indeed Campbell Records). I've had this record for years and I don't know why I've still have it, I hardly ever give it a spin. I like the backing music, but not Ricky's vocal on 'Shaking Rolling Boogie'. Strangely I prefer 'Till Eternity' (but not enough to give it regular plays) it seems so did the guys or guy at Campbell records (R. Campbell was writer of both sides) as it was given A side status.
Anyone out there in Internet-land know anything about Ricky or Campbell records?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Darrell Higham at Ronnie Scotts 2007


Darrel Higham – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Beck – Lead Guitar
Ian Jennings – Double Bass
Clive Deamer – Drums
Jason Rebello – Piano
Leo Green – Saxophone

Live at Ronnie Scott’s November 2007

Race With The Devil
Crazy Legs
The Train Kept Rollin’
My Baby Left Me
Baby Blue


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John Lewis with Steve Stack of Wax on Forest FM

John Lewis Live on the Steve Stack O'Wax radio show Aug 06 2014


Interview part 1
It Hurts
Interview part 2
Money Troubles
Happy Go Lucky

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Jack The Cat

Jackie Lee Waukeen Cochran - Vocals and Guitars
Ray Campi on the Old Slappin' Bass

Colin Winksi, Jackie Lee Waukeen Cochran, Ray Campi and Jerry Sikorski
Palomino Club Hollywood September 1976

The B side
Jack the Cat in the 1950s

From the 1960 film 'Let's Make Love' with Marilyn Monroe
Jackie Lee Cochran (right)

One in a Million & Crazy to the Bone

Rehearsal for 'One In A Million'

The new one sided 45 from Danny McVey 'Crazy To The Bone'. A limited edition of 150 copies. Available from Danny via Facebook or if you are London based try 'Sounds That Swing'. (if there are any left)

Hear what the grooves sound like naked, play the B side 'Nothing'
(you get what it says on the tin)

Home made cover it don't come with the 45

Friday, 23 January 2015


Monday, 19 January 2015

Rock on the Moon


This file and all other ripped vinyl zip files will now be password protected
Password at end of post

Information below was grabbed from the Internet

3331 Scenic Highway,   Memphis, Tennessee

Moon records began in 1956 in Memphis, Tennessee. Owner Cordell Jackson had previously recorded demos with Sam Phillips at Memphis Recording Service and Sun Studios. She is credited as the first woman to record, promote, engineer and produce music on her own independent record label and is revered as an early rock-a-billy/roots pioneer. Nashville producer and recording artist Chet Atkins provided advice to Jackson concerning the formation of her new label, Moon Records. Moon Records early stable of artists included Barney Burcham, Johnny Tate, Joe Wallace, Alan Page and Earl Patterson.
She was born Cordell Miller in Pontotoc, Mississippi on July 15, 1923.
Cordell received encouragement from her father who played fiddle in a string band called the Pontotoc Ridge Runners. She learned piano, stand-up bass and guitar and by her twelfth birthday had performed with her father’s band on a Tupelo, Mississippi radio show. Jackson also played mandolin, harmonica and banjo but is best known as an electric guitar player. In 1943 she married William Jackson and moved to Memphis. In 1947 Cordell purchased recording equipment from Kabakoff Radio and Appliance in Memphis and began writing and taping songs as well as jamming with other musicians.

Jackson began recording and releasing product in the late 70’s when she realized there was a demand for the early Moon singles. Her career received a boost from the rock-a-billy craze in Europe which brought her international attention. Tav Falco’s Panther Burns covered “She’s The One That’s Got It” and “Dateless Nights” and she began performing with the band between sets. An appearance in the movie “Great Balls of Fire”, Budweiser commercials, Late Night with David Letterman and Regis & Kathy Lee helped spread her image as the “rockin’ granny” twanging on her red Hagstrom electric guitar. Interviews with Billboard, Spin Magazines, MTV and Entertainment Tonight and others showcased her spitfire playing and personality. She marketed her own video singles through her label in the 1990’s, including Dan Roses’ production of “The Split”. Jackson is also featured in the film entitled Wayne County Ramblin’ by Dan Rose. Memorabilia and information concerning Cordell Jackson and Moon Records are included in the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum.

300    Johnny Tate with the Volunteer Quartet Kind & Gentle/Keeping Your Memories   1958

301    Allen Page & The Crowns with the Moonbeams -  Honeysuckle/High School Sweetheart 1958

302    Allen Page & The Deltones - Dateless Night/I Wish You Were Wishing

303    Allen Page -  She’s The One That’s Got It/Sugar Tree

304    Joe Wallace & All Woody’s Owls - Leopard Man/My Teenage Dream 1959

305    Earl Peterson with the Darts - Nightmare Hop/Ready For Love 1959

306    The Big Four  - All Keyed Up/Outa Tune  1959

307    Allen Page with Sandy & Sue and the Big Four - Oh! Baby/I Wish You Were Wishing 1959

308    Johnny Tate with the Volunteer Quartet - Bop With Me Baby/   1959

Recorded 1956 released in 1958?

Released 1957?

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Crazy Rhythm

Back in 1977 I was 17 and had acquired my second drape jacket. The third would be a tailor made grey drape suit. I was getting more into the modern (at the time) rockin' bands on scene such as The Flying Saucers, C.S.A, Vernon & The G.I's and of course Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers. This form of Rock 'n' Roll music was pushed into the back of my record collection as my knowledge on early Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll singers and groups grew. 
The footsoldiers of Rock 'n' Roll would be my new Kings & Queens. The likes of Charlie Feathers, Mac Curtis, Glen Glenn, Wanda Jackson and Pat Cupp entered my life and my door was open and welcoming. 


Friday, 9 January 2015

Ger Rijff update

Ger Rijff recently posted this drawing on his Elvis and Amercican FaceBook page
Lots of Elvis related stuff from a cool dude that knows his stuff.

More info on Ger Rijff HERE

I dug this drawing so much it's now my laptop wallpaper. Rock on Ger