Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Danny McVey

I was checking up on a youtube video I was sent by my brother-in-law and one time Skitzo manager Owen. He thought the sound might be my kind of thing...he was spot on!
Danny McVey sings up a storm on these recordings doing my kind of rockabilly...wild and raw. 
On lead guitar is Tony McVey (Danny's dad) who was the original lead guitarist with 1980's psychobilly band Skitzo (but he is back to his roots on these demos).
They are London based and are currently on the lookout for a double bass player with similar music tastes. Danny covers some great rockin' numbers such as Andy Anderson's 'Johnny Valentine' and the excellent 'Dateless Night' originally by Alan Page on the Moon record label in Memphis.  
I can't wait to hear him with a slappin' bass in his backing band, with drums or without.

** Danny McVey - vocal & rhythm guitar with Tony McVey lead guitar.
* Danny McVey - vocal & rhythm guitar.

Johnny Valentine **
Dateless Night **
Crazy to the Bone **
Sinful Woman *
Hello Heartache *
All You Gotta Do **
One Way Ticket **
Poor Little Fool **
Clicketty Clack *
Beggin' Time *

Cassette Tape Demos

Tony & Danny McVey


  1. I saw him with Skitzo last year. He didn't seem to be too enthusiastic, neither was I, lol. This is waaay better.

    1. Well then have a word with tony , because skitzo is his band that he loves and always wants to be in , Even traveling so far to work on brand new Songs, And is always going to PSYCHOBILLY gigs on his own with out the band, If that is not Enthusiastic, Please let us know.

    2. Seems I misinterpreted his laid back stage appearance as lack of enthusiasm. My apologies to Tony!

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