Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Yakety Yak!

Yakety Yak was a musical show featuring the songs of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.
It's London run lasted a little over four months starting at The Half Moon Theatre on 15th Novemember 1982 and transferred to the Astoria Theatre on 15th January 1983.

Produced by Robert Walker and starring Darts and the McGann Brothers.

The Story.
Danny (Paul McGann) comes out of prison to find out that his younger brother is dating his gal, and his middle brother is training to be a priest! 
Add to that the normal rights of passage (college or travel) this show has has very little of a story to it.
But that doesn't matter because the music shines through.

I saw this show at the Astoria in 1983 and was surprised it run was so short, but it did move onto a shorter run on Broadway, also in 1983.
All members of the band Darts (post Den Haggerty) sang and acted very well, but the winners for me were the McGann Brothers, they really looked the part.

For high resolution scans of the pictures above and full scanned program download here

Info on Leiber and Stoller