Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rockin' Sammy Masters

I could not find much information on the Internet about this 6 track extended play 45 rpm record I picked up at a record fair in the early 1980's. That generally puts it in the bootleg category. 5 tracks recorded in the mid 1950's and the excellent saxophone lead rocker 'Rockin' Redwing' from 1960.

Side 1
Pink Cadillac
Side 2
Rockin' Redwing
Flat Feet
Some Like it Hot

The text below is from the RHOF fame website 
In 1956 Sammy Masters and his Rocking Rhythm, comprising Ralph Roe (lead guitar), Jerry Miller (steel) and Jimmy Randal (drums) cut at least five rockabilly tracks for Four Star. At this time, Sammy had a day job working as a used car salesman in Los Angeles, and he wrote Pink Cadillac about one of his customers. This was a primitive piece of rockabilly with sparse backing and a driving beat. Coupled with the equally good Some Like It Hot, Pink Cadillac became Sammy's first release on Four Star.

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