Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Footsoldiers and Kings Volume 2

No2 and I believe the last in this very mini series, from Wayne Russell.
A BIG Thank You to Jani over in Finland for the JPEG scans of this great little booklet.


  1. Nice one.. I read Vol 1 and Great Reading TY

  2. thanks duke black slacks,ain't i'm a dog are songs i have been looking for some time.the collin kids are a very talented team and it is good to hear them .thanks again keith

  3. buenos dias
    entonces,son discos?, bueno y el vol uno, gracias si lo pueden conseguir
    rolo batres

    1. I've tried Google translate (crazy) I've uploaded volume 2 as a new post using zippyshare.

  4. Anyone got FS&K volume 1 - ?? There was a gr8 pic of Elvis playing double bass on the cover - I dunno if it was a genuine pic or montaged but t'would be good to see it again.

  5. Howdy Nervous Paulvis Egssley. I have posted this as a new post here https://www.sendspace.com/file/9cp76m
    I'm using Sendspace as Zippyshare seems to be having problems at the moment.