Monday, 31 December 2012

I Saw You Cheating Last Night

Real name Rosario Lefavi.
Born 1925 in Palermo, Italy, but moved to Philadelphia, Pa, with his family in the early 1930's.
Recorded for Arcade and Skyrocket records in the mid to late 1950's and had an album and EP released by Arzee records in the 1960's. 
He died in 1991.

I picked this  platter up at one of the many record fairs I attended back in the early 80's (I did a lot in the early 80's) mainly because I wanted a 45 in my collection by an artist beginning with the letter Z.
I was amazed and surprised how good 'I Saw You Cheating Last Night' is. A nice little country Jiver, that I tried to bop to at the time but it didn't make me look cool at all so I stopped doing it.

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