Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lewis Lymon

Frankie, Bobby Robertson and Lewis

Frankie Lymon's little brother Louis always seemed to be in his older brother's shadow.
There will always be comparisions between the two. They were siblings and yes they did sound alike.
Hank Williams JNR was once accused of sounding too much like his dad Hank. It is in the genes, get over it!
'I Found Out Why' is Lewis's answer to Frankie's 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love' and it's a good record in it's own right.
'Too Young' is my prferred choice of the two. Both move along at a nice pace.

Download includes short article on Lewis by JCMarion

Discography :
1956 - I'm So Happy / Lydia (Fury 1000)
1957 - Honey, Honey / Please Tell The Angels (Fury 1003)
1957 - I'm Not Too Young To Fall In Love / Falling In Love (Fury 1006)
1957 - Too Young / Your last chance (End 1003)
1957 - I found out why / Tell me love (End 1007)
1958 - Dance girl / Them There eyes (Juanita 1001/Bim Bam Boom 114)
1962 - I found out why / Too Young (End 1113)
1984 - I want you to be my girl / Please Tell The Angels (Starlight 21)
1985 - Dance girl / Honey, honey (Starlight 25)
1994 - Never let you go / I found out why (Park Ave.9)

Lewis Lymon - Your Last Chance

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