Friday, 8 August 2014

Maryann and the Tri-Tones

I had a great time at this year’s Rockabilly Rave (18th), and met up with both old and new friends. I love soaking up the atmosphere of Rockabillyland, the music, the clothes, the cars and bikes and the smiles on people’s faces, it is infectious. The bands this year were (as usual) of a very high quality. But the stand-out band for me, the one that ticked all the boxes, the look, the sound, and the originality, were ‘Maryann and the Tri-Tones’. Here is a short history of the band;

 The demise of Estonia’s premier rock ‘n’ roll/rockabilly band ‘The Jumpin’ Wheels’ in 2006 left a void in the lives of guitarist Artur Skrõpnik and drummer Peeter Karo, as well as the double bass player/singer Garry (Igor Golovenko). They missed the excitement of performing the music they loved to enthusiastic crowds on the rockin’ scene. So, in 2007 this trio became the initial nucleus of the Tri-Tones, and after months of practising and refining their sound, they were ready to perform their own brand of vintage rock ‘n’ roll/rockabilly in the bars, clubs, and festivals of Europe.
In 2011 the band received a demo tape from singer/songwriter Mariann Lants. This was a chance not to be missed, so they started working together, and it was obvious to any listener that Mariann’s strong voice and The Tri-Tones excellent musicianship was a match made in heaven. If you add to that a set that is filled with way above average original material, such as ‘We’re Gonna Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight’ and ‘If I Could I Would’. The cover versions of classic 1950’s songs are well-chosen, just take a listen to ‘Tongue Tied’ (sample below). Wanda Jackson would, I think, be proud of this version, a growling, purring, controlled vocal delivery that is complimented by slick guitar work and a more than capable rhythm section. As their popularity in Estonia grew, the local television stations came knocking on their door - check out their performances on Tallinna TV in 2012 on ‘YouTube’.
 Owing to personal reasons, Garry quit the music business in 2012. His replacement on double bass was Sven Valdmann. During 2012 and 2013 things were on the up for the band, and thankfully Mr. Jerry Chatabox came calling and booked them to appear at the 18th Rockabilly Rave in 2014. What an amazing performance we were treated to, the look and sound were perfect. I felt compelled to buy a copy of their new C.D. single (all original material). If this is a sampler of what the new album is going to sound like, then it is really something to look forward to.
The already recorded album 'Supersonic Gal' that was due for release in August has been put on hold. Lightning Recorders from Germany (Rockabilly is still internationally appreciated!) have, I believe, been in touch having seen their performance at the Rave, and a deal was struck to re-record the album at the studio in Berlin. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little longer before we can get our hands on a copy, estimated time of arrival is now November or December 2014. With all original songs to look forward to, the wait, I am sure, will be worth it.



Mariann Lants - vocals & rhythm guitar
Artur Skropnik - lead guitar
Peeter Karo - drums
Sven Valdmann - upright bass
Thanks to Garry (Igor Golovenko) - upright bass on 'Rock 'n' Roll Tonight', 'If I Could I Would' and 'Lonesome Moon'.


  1. I can't believe that this post is the quickest one to make 200 downloads and not one comment on the music, the musicianship, quality of the covers and the original songs.

  2. hola que tal he descubierto este blog hace pooc y me parece fantastico. Este grupo me era desconocido totalmente y buen rockabilly para bailar y tomarse unas birras. La rubia tiene un cañon de voz.gracias

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