Saturday, 16 August 2014

Elvis Tribute

I'm seeing and enjoying listening to again many great Elvis numbers on both TV, radio and Facebook.
Here is my little tribute to the great man, via another cool dude.

Colin Winski was the rhythm guitarist and vocalist with Ray Campi's band the Rockabilly Rebels in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Hillbilly Cat was a fantastic tribute song to Elvis written by Colin Winski and Jerry Sikorski it came out on the Rollin' Rock L.P 'Born To Rock' in 1977. It's the only time I've really enjoyed a stereo recording I love hearing the piano and double bass running from one speaker to the other.


  1. tito from lima-peru say hello,please wanted link of hillbbilly cat tribute-thanks tit.

  2. Hi Tito, if you click the down arrow in the player above you will be directed to a web site where you can download the file. If you have any more problems with this, email me and I'll send you the MP3.

  3. yes my friend still the problems,please send me the mp3 is better for to download
    thanks for all tito.

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