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Bobby Lee Trammell

Bobby Lee Trammell - Shirley Lee b/w I Sure Do Love You Baby
 The wild over the top rock n roller that ended up going into politics!

Bobby got hooked on rock n roll after seeing a Carl Perkins concert in 1955. He even talked Carl into letting him sing a song on stage with him.
His singing impressed Carl so much that he arranged for Bobby to audition for Sam Phillips at Sun Studios in Memphis.  Sam was busy at the time (with Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins to name a few) so he told Bobby to come back in two weeks with some of his songs he had written! But Bobby was an inpatient soul, so he left 706 Union Ave and headed to California to try his luck there.
He was discovered singing at the Jubilee Ballroom in Baldwin Park, by country music promoter Fabor Robinson.  His first single Shirley Lee b/w I Sure Do Love You Baby was released on the Fabor label. Bobby borrowed two of Bob Luman's band members; James Burton on lead guitar and James Kirkland on bass, Bobby played rhythm guitar.  This resulted in a fine 45 that was leased to ABC-Paramount because Fabor did not have the finances to push the record.  It eventually sold 250,000 copies, number that, at the time did not make it a chart success.
His live shows where a little (actually a lot) on the wild side. Several of his shows ended up in riots. Tillman Franks described him as "Downright vulgar, ten times worse than Elvis Presley". He did have a little run on the Louisiana Hayride, but his hip swinging antics didn't endear him to the audiences at the Hayride. This was also the reason he did get on the Grand Old Opry.
He was also considered too wild to appear on the Ozzie & Harriet TV show, but was asked by Ozzie if he could write songs for Ricky Nelson's 3rd album. Tommy just said he was too busy so Johnny and Dorsey Burnette took up the reins and made a bit of money for themselves along the way, because of their association with the Nelson’s.
Bobby's second single and maybe his best was You Mostest Girl b/w Uh Oh; surprisingly this didn't sell either.

He released several singles during the 60's and had two minor country hits in the early 70's.
In 1977 he finally recorded for Sun (International) 21 years after walking away from Sam Phillips.

In 1997 he was Democratic politician and was elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives.
He was a singer songwriter that made some wrong choices

Born 31 January 1934, Jonesboro, Arkansas
Died 20 February 2008, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Bobby Lee Trammell 1950’s 45rpm releases
Fabor 4038-45
Shirley Lee
Sure Do Love You Baby
ABC-Paramount (N.Y.) 45-9890
Shirley Lee
I Sure Do Love You Baby
Radio (Calif.) 102-45
You Mostest Girl
Uh Oh
Radio (Calif.) 114-45
My Susie J, My Susie Jane
Should I Make Amends
Warrior (Calif.) W-1554
Open Up Your Heart

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