Monday, 29 July 2013

It's Bop Quiz Time!

Vinyl Junkie and Original Record Sleeve Lovers, it's Bop Quiz Time!


I purchased this 45 from a friend back in 1978, and he told me that he had bought it from a record shop in London at the time of its release in the U.K. in 1955 (I've researched a bit and it came out in January 1955). He also told me that it came in the same brown paper sleeve as pictured above. I've since discovered that U.K. Parlophone had their own 45 record sleeves from 1953. So which of these sleeves do you think should have been wrapped around the platter?


ROCKABILLY LUKE (aka Jeff Daniels)


Thanks for all the comments and emails. It seems that the brown paper sleeve did come with the 45. But it still makes me wonder why UK Parlophone issued single sleeves from 1953, but why didn't it come with a sleeve? The pictures below are from the web-site, go and check it out if you haven't already done so.


  1. No. 3 looks to be in the nicest shape, so that one, please!

  2. hi there, since 45's did not appear en masse in the uk until 1959/59, and they always had the prefix45-, i find this hard to believe this dates from the uk in 1955--also the parlophone pre-fix was R, but this may be a country series unknown to me. 45's ran alongside 78's until the dates i mentioned, and i started buying records in feb. '57, and i'm pretty sure this was the case at the time--maybe the brown bag is the right one---cheers john allan

  3. CMSP was Parlophone's Export Series so I would accept that it was sold in the brown paper sleeve.

  4. Cheers for all the comments. I worked as a postman in London back in the 1970's. The guy I bought the record from was a real country music fan (also a postman) with a large record collection both 331/3, 45 and 78 rpm. He told me it came in the brown paper bag and purchased it at the time it was released, but I always wondered about it. I checked on-line at and it seems Parlophone issued 45rpm record sleeves in the UK from 1953. So I matched the sleeve to the record from that web-site. But I did find the numbers a bit confusing!

  5. Hi Duke

    Thanks for this great post. For me the number 3 size well to this single but in fact as a collector the three sleeves are great. So it's really difficult to choice.

    Thanks for all the great posts you share to us.

    Keep on rockin

  6. Thanks rockin-djames. I'll add to this post with some more information I've found via the world wide web!