Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Jamboree

Crazy Man Crazy - Bill Haley's Original comets
Happy Pay Day - Ocean's Seven
Arguments and Alibis - Lil' Ester and the Tinstars
Baby That's Rock 'n' Roll - Whistle Bait
Let's Rock Tonight - King Louie Combo
Lost Without You - Ike and the Capers
Rock, Rock, Rock - Jimmy Cavello and the Good Fellas
I Polli - Blues Willies
Strange - Anti and the Starbombers
Red Hot Lava - Nosey Joe
Sputnick - The Spotniks
Don't You Lie To Me - Lynette Morgan and the Blackwater Valley Boys
Little Girl - Cadillac Angles 
Live It Up _ Pep Torres and the Nu Niles
The Girl I Saw On Bandstand - Lew Williams
Washing Machine Boogie - Tim Knuckey and the Hot Potatoes
Rock The Joint - Jimmy Cavello and the Comets
Summer Jamboree (Belle Pupe E Marinai) - I Belli Di Waikiki

This was a free promotional CD advertising the 5th Summer Jamboree in Senigallia Italy 2005. This free festival is still going strong. 
For more information check out 
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  1. Duke, let's hit the Summer Jamboree, you and me.

  2. Thank you Duke I don't recognise any of these songs so looking forward to hearing them

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