Saturday, 9 March 2013

JIMMY STARR - Oooh Crazy

'Oooh Crazy' is a nice little pop-a-billy tune recorded in 1958. The B-side is an almost note to note copy of Conway Twitty's classic 'It's Only Make Believe' but Jimmy still lost the race into the charts with this version.
Jimmy's follow up single 'It's Me' is very similar in pace to 'Oooh Crazy' and is my preferred choice of the two songs'Gonna Take An Express Train' is a nice piano lead pop rock 'n' roll song.  The kind of music I was into when I first started on my road to rockin' music appreciation.
'Blind Date' was Jimmy's last attempt in the music business before 'The Beatles' took over America and the rest of the world. 'Adele' and 'Blue Broken Heart' I have not heard. Jimmy seemed to have a thing for the song 'All I Ever Do'. It was released on five different labels during 1961. Puzzling to me because I just don't dig it all!

September 1958    
Debbie  DB 45-101      Oooh Crazy - It's Only Make Believe

May 1959
Debbie  DB-1408         It's Me - All I Ever Do (Is Dream Of You)

September 1960     
Laurel   1015                Adele - Blue Broken Heart

April-June 1961       
Laurel 1018                 All I Ever Do - Choo-Choo To Heaven
?                                   All I Ever Do - Gonna Take An Express Train - with The Starlings  
Estate E-1001             All I Ever Do - Till The Cows Come Home - with Palais Royals
Rider R-106               All I Ever Do - Till The Cows Come Home - As above  
Domain 1017               All I Ever Do - Gonna Take An Express Train - with The Starlings

?  NV-5118                 Blind Date - Mister Misery 

Oooh Crazy
It's Only Make Believe
It's Me
Gonna Take An Express Train
Blind Date
All I Ever Do


  1. RCS sample of the Palais Royals 45 is alt to your sample.

  2. I believe the Debbie 45 came with a membership application to the Jimmy Starr fan club. You could then paste your membership photo onto the 45.

    1. I got my copy from Craig Moerer records by mail back in the late 70's or early 80's. I didn't get a fan mail letter. I wonder how big his fan club was? I wonder if anyone pasted their photo on it?

    2. I have a copy that was given out at one of his shows at Rack's Hut in New Jersey in the 1950's which has his photo pasted on one side.

  3. Choo-Choo To Heaven (Retitled Gonna Take An Express Train) was issued in Canada on Reo 45 - 8527

  4. Till the cows come home is avalible on Collector CD 4522 "Here comes Rock & Roll" Which should be shared on Rockhall link in your right bar.

  5. Cheers for the info Mr DrunkenHobo, I owe you a beer. Rockabilly Rave?

  6. According to RCS, the fifth version of "All I Ever Do" came out on the Orange-Empire label # 9164.