Tuesday, 8 April 2014

She's Mine

I really wish I could find another picture of Johnny Strickland, all my Internet searches come up with his Roulette Records publicity head-shot. I first heard 'She's Mine' back in the mid 70's on Roger Scott's 'American Dreams' Capitol Radio show and as soon as I heard it I made a bee-line to the Vintage Record Center in Roman Way, North London to pick up a re-pro 45 vinyl copy.
I never heard anything else by him for years, until YouTube made music discovery a lot easier. Here is a cool 'smoocher' from Johnny.
I've Heard That Line Before

She's Mine
Cry Some More
Don't Leave Me Lonely
That's Baby
I've Heard That Line Before
Sweet Talking Baby
You Got What It Takes


  1. The Only Johnny Strickland That I'm Aware Of Is An Album On Revival Records.
    Half The Album Is Johnny And The Other Half Is Jimmy Newman

  2. Thanks for the comment Tel. I have heard of that LP, it was released in the UK in 1989. But I never come across a copy myself.
    Jimmy Newman : Carry On / Bop-A-Hula / Whatcha Gonna Do / Making Believe / Please Accept My Love / Step Aside Shallow Water / A Sweet Kind Of Love / With Tears In My Eyes / She's Mine
    Johnny Strickland : She's Mine / You Got What It Takes / Sweet Talkin' Baby / My Truly True Love / Don't Leave My Lonely / I've Heard That Line Before / That's My Baby / Fool's Hall Of Fame

  3. Now that really brings back memories, finding a picture of my old shop.
    The good old days.
    Mike Gordon
    Keep on rockin' guys

  4. Hey Mike, great to hear from you. I've been seeing a few photos of your old shop on the Internet recently (maybe in the hope that I'll be in one) I think I'll go and grab them and do a post on the Vintage Record Center. I believe I picked up a repro of Alvis Wayne's 'Don't Mean Maybe Baby' from you too, it was on the Vintage Record label, or is my memory playing tricks on me?