Monday, 8 April 2013


Ballin’ Keen first got together at a jam session at the 16th Rockabilly Rave. The three main musicians in the band are Volker Houghton on vocals, Darren Lince on guitar and Landon Filer on double bass. They were joined at the jam session by Paul Saunders of Jack Rabbit Slim fame on snare drum. It turned into a great session of excellent well-chosen rock ‘n’ roll/rockabilly classic covers.
Singer/songwriter Volker Houghton’s past bands include; Stateside Slide and the Sliders. Landon Filer was in the Sliders and Jack Rabbit Slim and is now the bass player for the Hicksville Bombers. Darren Lince one time guitar player for the likes of Sugar Creek Trio, Jack Rabbit Slim and the Space Cadets is a guitar for hire (and a damn good one too).
I was invited to an impromptu jam session in a chalet at the Rockabilly Rave where I managed to video 6 songs, available here in MP3 format.  I keep forgetting at times that there are only three instruments on these recordings; such is the expertise and excitement the musicians put into the songs. I suppose having a former Jack Rabbit Slim line-up helps, but the feel and love they have for vintage sounding rockabilly music shines through on these six tracks.
Enough of my ramblings just download the songs and let your ears do the judging.

The Will of Love
Servant of Love
Saturday Jump
How Come It
Let’s Rock Tonight
Shake Em’ Up Rock

(link updated 3rd Sept 14)


  1. I've just checked the stats on this post and in the few days it has been up it has had 99 downloads. Any feedback on this band would be very welcome. I would love to hear studio recordings from this band, better still...VINYL!

  2. Great Band!!! Thanks for sharing and for discover them for me.


  3. Thank you Fede Ricko, at last a comment on a great band.

  4. AWESOME!!!! Need to get in a studio & knock out a proper CD.