Wednesday, 1 May 2013

No Hit Wonders! Part 1

I occasionally come across records in my collection that I think with a little extra promotion could have been hit records, or at least sold enough copies to warrant another release. But it seems some records are released in the hope that something will happen and the disc will rocket up the charts and the record company would get the singer or group back in the studio and record more material for another record or maybe if sales are high an album release, but more often than not that is not the case. 
This part one in my posts on 'No Hit Wonders'
Jackie Burns had the second release on Bob Keane's new Del-Fi record label in 1958, but 'Hey Then, There Now' did not sell well. What happened to Jack after the record was released is a mystery to me, but a few months after 'Del-Fi 4102' was issued, Bob Keane discovered Richie Valens and so all Keane's attention was focused on his new rising star. Judging by his 45 on Del-Fi, Burns was a song writer, so he may have taken that route. He did not have a really great sounding voice, but then 'Hey Then, There Now' did not require a great vocal delivery. It is a bouncy song that would have today's strollers up and doing their stuff. The B side is another up-tempo song which I like even with the silly vocal chorus.  If anyone has a photo of Jackie Burns they would like to share or have any more information on him please leave a comment or two.

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