Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Excellent Russian Rock 'n' Roll

Руки в брюки - "Прыгай малая"

Rockabilly/Rock 'n' Roll from Russia

I don't know anything about this band, (how do you pronounce their name?) except the fact that I like their style and more importantly their sound. They have a CD out now 'MP. BE4EP' or something like that, it translates in to English as 'Mr. Evening'. Check out their website for videos and more information. 
And thanks to Gene1976 for nudging me in their direction.


  1. According to Google translate, the band are called 'Hands in his Pockets' and the song is called 'Jump Small'.

  2. The group from Ukraine, singing on Russian. Sounds good, but "малая" very rare word (i'm, russian, hear it first time in my life), practically doesn't apply in speech. It is not like "baby" in English.