Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Rock 'n' Roll Side Of...

I love Patsy Cline's popular cross-over country music, she had a voice that still sends chills up my spine. I first heard 'Got A Lot of Rhythm in My Soul' back in the early 1980's  - it was on a Nervous records L.P. (originally recorded on Preston records of Australia) called 'Aussiebilly', and it was sung by a band called 'Toni and the Tomcats'. They did a very good job with the song, but I was totally surprised when I found out the original was by Patsy Cline. I dug further and found more gems with Patsy singing in a rockin' style. Songs like 'Walking Dream' and 'Stop, Look & Listen'. Here is a self-made E.P. with covers containing some of my favourite Patsy songs that have a rock 'n' roll edge to them.

'Shake Rattle & Roll'
(a live recording from 1961) 
'Stop, Look & Listen'
(from 1956)
'Love Me Honey Do'
(alternaive take 1959)
'Got A Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul'
'Stupid Cupid'
(live 1961)
'Walkin' Dream'


  1. thanks duke patsy is also my favourite country is amazing how you came across her singing rock and roll.especially connie frances stupid cupid and shake rattle and roll. i always believed she was country through and through. thanks for the insight keith

  2. Hi Keith
    I believe Patsy's version of 'Shake Rattle & Roll' was released on a album called 'Live At The Cimaron Ballroom'.
    I heard it firstvia YouTube!

  3. Thanks for this compilation. I had never heard Patsy´s version of "Shake", and I had totally forgotten about this version of "Stop" - it´s in one of the two live Patsy albums MCA released ages ago.
    The 1956 original is much more rockin´ though - and there are at least two takes available. Thanks again.

  4. I would have added 'Let The Teardrops Fall' with Red Garland's super hot guitar licks. I first discovered it ona couple MCA repackaging releases after her bio-pick came out in the mid-80s. See what you think.

  5. Indeed a great song Duncanmusic

  6. "Let The Teardrops Fall"!! What a great track. Those early sides are just fabulous. What about "Don´t Ever Leave Me Again" and "In Care Of The Blues"?
    @Duncanmusic - you surely mean HANK Garland ! Hey, dig this clip at the end - that´s Grady Martin and Garland together !!:
    @Duke - by popular request, you´ll have to release a volume two !.
    Thanks to both and keep on rockin´.