Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bargains of the day

Kirkwall had a pop up vinyl shop in Town on 31/08/13. I was not holding my expectations very high on finding anything that I would be remotely interested in, in fact what they had was mostly 80's and 90's music (and a few CD's too?) But would you believe it, the first table I came across had these five little beauties waiting for me, and the price was only £1 ($1.50) for all five!
All the MP3's in the links below were ripped from the vinyl records while playing on a 1961 Dansette record player.
Settin' The Woods On Fire
Hey, Good Lookin'
Jamalaya (on the Bayou)

Anna Marie - Jim Reeves
Lost To s Geisha Girl - Skeeter Davies
Unfaithful - Hank Snow
Oh Lonesome Me - Do Gibson

Freedom - Hawkshaw Hawkins
Slave - Skeeter Davies
A Fiddle, a Rifle, an Axe & a Bible - Sons of The Pioneers
I Wish I Was The Moon - Hank Snow
Stop The World - Johnny & Jack
That Inner Glow - Hank Locklin 

(Got a) Heartsick Feeling

The only downer was this excellent looking Hank Locklin E.P volume 3 (above) in the Country Guitar collection, the vinyl inside was volume 7! (I could not believe he only wanted £1 for them all so double checking the records inside the sleeve did not occur to me). I believe the last owner of these records must have got his HANK's mixed up. The tracks on Volume 3 are; 'It's a Little More Like Heaven', 'Blue Grass Skirt', 'Why Don't You Haul Off & Love Me' and 'Send Me The Pillow You Sleep On'.
Cover above found on the net
Hank Snow and the Rainbow Ranch Boys
(Now and then, there's) A Fool Such As I
The Golden Rocket
I Don't Hurt Anymore
The Star Spangled Waltz


  1. Thank you very much Duke these were a fantastic find I would love to find
    an old record shop and have the chance of finding gold.

  2. Thanks zephyr, I don't find too much gold living up here in Orkney, but I'll keep looking.

  3. in this present fast moving time it is good to be able to go back and listen to what music should sound like.thanks duke for sharing keith

  4. You're very welcome Keith, thanks for your comment.