Thursday, 9 January 2014

T Ford and the Boneshakers

T Ford (real name John Bradford) formed 'T Ford and the Boneshakers' in the mid 1970s. After an album and one single release on the Swedish 'Splash Records' label he went solo, the height of his fame came when he finished 4th in the Eurovision song contest in 1987 under the name T Ford.

'Rock Rattle & Roll' is not the hard edged rock 'n' roll music I usually listen too. It came out in 1978 and I was intrigued by L.P when I saw it for sale (filed under rock 'n' roll) in my local record store and I bought it on the off chance it might have a bit of a bite to it. That proved not to be the case. At the time I was into the rockabilly music of Charlie Feathers and Mac Curtis (I still am).

I recently came across it again while playing records one night in my man cave. I seemed to have mellowed a bit in my old age, because I like it a lot more hearing it again after all these years. I would put this albums sound very similar to what 'Sha Na Na' were putting out during their 'Grease' period in 1978.


Vinyl ripped while spinning on my 1961 Dansette record player


  1. I love the music of t ford have done ever since it first came out I love the song twilight time it is a lovely ballad but all there songs are good they are pretty much like other rock n roll bands around at that time bands like whirlwind who I also liked very much. Rockabilly seemed to take over later with bands like the stray cats and crazy cavan.

    1. Thanks for your comment Martin. I remember seeing Whirlwind in the mid to late 70's and I still have their 10 inch vinyl record. I've got to give that another spin, it's been a while.