Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Bobby Cash would not have been out of place on the 1980 Revival Records L.P 'The Other Kings'. But problems with locating Bobby and getting permission to include it on the album never materialised. But an extended play E.P did turn up distributed by Gusto Records to be included with the album for a short period. I was lucky enough to pick up my copy of the 'The Other Kings' with the cool piece of vinyl included. He falls into the Elvis wanna-be category. The vocals are great but I've never been a fan of organ music on my Rock 'n' Roll records.


(home made cover)

Label scans (reissue release) and MP3's rips included in the download. 'Only Make Believe' and 'Mona Lisa' MP3 rips found on the net.

(For a short while Bobby Cash's vinyl E.P was available with this L.P)

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