Thursday, 30 October 2014

Save the last dance for Elvis imitators

Rock n Roll Swindles Part 2

At the time this record was first released Shelby Singleton was pushing this as a Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley duet, without actually saying it. The passing of time has proved this to be by Jerry Lee and Jimmy Ellis aka Orion.   

Jimmy Ellis (left) - Shelby Singleton (right)


  1. The b-side of this single is really, really cool. It features Jerry Lee and Charlie Rich duetting on "Am I To Be The One?".

    And it's just incredible that such a fuss was created over side A. It was the top side of Sun single 367, which was originally cut in stereo, with Jerry's vocal track removed when convenient in order to add Ellis' vocal.

    Great topic. Thank you!

    1. yes jerrys piano and vocals are recorded on the same channel and the piano playing mysteriously dissapears when jimmy ellis cuts in with his vocals

  2. Thanks for the comment Josep. I've added added an image of a Bear Family Jimmy Ellis CD (volume 4) in the original post. His vocal seems to have been added to a number of Lewis, Cash, Perkins and Charlie Rich recordings.

  3. Yes, the first 19 songs on that CD were originally released in the late 70s on the "Duets" and "Trio +" albums. They all are fake duets.

    The "Duets" album did however include two genuine Jerry Lee Lewis / Charlie Rich duets: the above mentioned "Am I To Be The One?", and also "Sail Away". Both tracks were recorded at the same session at Sun in 1959, but not originally released.