Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Sheep In Wolves Clothing

Harry Webb started his rock 'n' roll journey on the right track. All he wanted was to be the meanest, and prettiest, cat about town. Then he met Jack Good, who had very different ideas...
A scene from a Rock 'n' Roll fable
Harry came off stage after performing a wild concert at the Carshalton Social Club  - it was one of his earliest gigs. He was sweaty and full of nervous energy. Waiting for him in his dressing room was a guy who looked like he could have been Buddy Holly's dad. The guy introduced himself as Jack Good of '6-5 Special' and  'Oh Boy!' fame.
After shaking hands a conversation began...
Jack - "What's wrong with your lip?"
Harry - "Nothing, it's just something I do and it makes me look cool."
Jack - "It doesn't, so stop it."
Harry - "Err..."
Jack - "And get rid of those sideburns, they look silly stuck on both sides of your baby face."
Harry - "No way, not my sideburns! I just...."
Jack - "Do you really need that guitar?"
Harry - "Now look here, I like my curling lip, sideburns and tommy-gun guitar, It's what I do, who I am, and..."
Jack - "Oh stop it Cliff"
Harry - "Cliff?"
Jack - "Do as I say and I'll put you on T.V., I'll make you a star, you'll be perfect on my new show 'Oh Boy!' you could be the next Pat Boone...oops! I meant Elvis."
Harry - "Cliff?...OK, I'll do it"

Harry's  rebel days came to an end, He then recorded 'Living Doll', and after doing that there was... 


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