Thursday, 1 November 2012

Vinyl Records To MP3's

 A few months ago I blew away the dust that had gathered on my old Dansette record player and pulled out of storage a few of my vinyl albums, extended play and singles I purchased back in my younger wild rockin’ days. After a few plays of several of these platters I realised how neglected these records had become. Some jumped as they played, but wiping them with a lightly damp cloth cured the problem. But a few were beyond repair. Sometimes I collected records that I used purely as wall decorations for my bedroom or record room at the time. I’m still trying to find ways (in my spare time) to bring some of them back to life using various editing programs.
I'm not here to post newly recorded CD's by current Rockin' bands or post CD rips. Occasionally a new band appears on the rock 'n' roll scene that I think sound vintage enough to grab my attention and with the bands knowledge and approval I'll post their demo recordings. So keep em' peeled.

Lonnie Irving was an ex truck driver from North Carolina.
He recorded for Starday records until 1959 when he was diagnosed with Leukaemia. He died in 1960 aged just 28.
Pinball Machine was the record that got Lonnie on the charts. It's a talking tune in the style of Luke the Drifter.
I prefer the B side 'I Got Blues on My Mind' it bops along nicely.
The excellent 'Gooseball Brown' was originally called 'Goofball Brown' but the radio stations at the time asked them to change the wording, as Goofball was a drug used by truck drivers as an aid to stay awake while driving.

Sound clips of the songs can be found here

Starday 486 A Side Pinball Machine
Starday 486 B Side I Got Blues on My Mind
Starday 505 A Side Gooseball Brown
Starday 505 B Side An Old Fashioned Love
Starday 520 A Side Trucker's Vitus
Starday 520 B Side I Wish I Had My Heart Back

I’ll post some of the vinyl rips I have managed to save on this blog from time to time.

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